Spiritual Corvey

Kreuzgang der ehemaligen Fürstabtei Corvey

Spirituality & Abbey Life

Known as an influential spiritual and political centre in Europe in the middle ages, the former imperial abbey now acts as a cultural beacon, not only for the versatile monastery region of the cultural area of Höxter, but also far beyond the area.

For nearly 1200 years, in Corvey’s old Benedictine tradition, its spiritual inheritance has been kept alive in the holy masses and the celebrations of the ecclesiastical year. Corvey has always been seen as an important starting point for the famous “Jakobspilgerweg” (St. James’s Way Pilgrimage Route).

With its monastic festival and activities, places such as the Abbey of Marienmünster or the Abtei vom Heiligen Kreuz (Abbey of the Holy Cross) in Beverungen-Herstelle are open to interested visitors and offer the opportunity to visit the abbey shops, too.