Guided Tours of the Museum

Group Tours (GB): All year around with advance reservation.

Experience Corvey’s history, exciting connections and insightful backgrounds with an individual guided tour. Information about Corvey Abbey’s foundation in the middle ages, its great heyday, its reconstruction as a prince bishop’s residence in the baroque, the upheavals of secularisation and its redesigning in the Biedermeier style are told in the Corvey Chronicle. Even today, the castle is still the ducal family’s residence.

The princely library and its well-known librarian, Hoffmann von Fallersleben, is today still one of the greatest private libraries in Germany. Hoffmann von Fallersleben is buried next to his wife in the Corvey cemetery.

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Ludwig der Fromme [Ludwig the Pious] founded, furnished, equipped and made this abbey prosperous so that true religion could grow, serving at the same time as a pillar of faith. In 822.

Translation of the Latin inscription under the statue of the founder, Ludwig der Fromme [Ludwig the Pious], at the portal of the west facade.

Group Tours around Corvey and its Museum

Corvey offers a rich artistic and cultural spectrum; from its foundation in the Carolingian period and its heyday in the middle ages, via its downfall in the early modern era and its reconstruction as an abbot’s residence in the baroque, as well as the upheavals of secularisation and its redesigning in the Biedermeier style. This checkered history determines the themes of our guided tours which are both informative and entertaining.

Available all-year-round when booked in advance. Please phone + 49 (0)5271 694010 to book.

Duration: Approx. 1 – 1.5 hours
Max. 25 people per group

Meeting Point: Museum shop

Guided Tours in German
€ 45.00 plus admission

Guided Tours in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Danish (with interpreter)
€ 65.00 plus admission

Guided tours are also available out-of-season, dates and prices on request. The castle is accessible for the disabled.