Barrier-Free Corvey

Corvey – a shorter way

Granted, Corvey is not a two-room apartment and the dimensions of the hallways are anything but modest but, on this tour, you have the option to place the thematic emphasis on the church part (westwork, church, cloister and burial place of Hoffmann von Fallersleben), or the royal part (princely salons, imperial hall and the prince's library) thus avoiding, from the outset, long distances and stairs/steps. Mobile seating allows visitors to relax and sit comfortably in the rooms. This tour is aimed specifically at senior citizens and disabled visitors who can thus experience Corvey without having to negotiate long distances. The paths are accessible for those with wheelchairs and walking frames.

Duration: ca. 1.5 hours
€45.00, excl. museum entry fee
(reduced entry charges for people with disabilities - please have your ID to hand)

Corvey with a Wheelchair

Despite its 1,200-year history and various ownerships, Corvey is a place that should be accessible to as many people as possible. With support, wheelchair access to almost every room in the castle is possible. However, the Johannes chancel in the Westwerk (westwork) is unfortunately not yet accessible for wheelchair users.

There is a wheelchair accessible entrance to the museum at the right corner of the west approach. Please ring the bell. The church can be visited separately via the main entrance in the Westwerk (westwork). The linking paths are gravel with a fine grit and support when negotiating these paths is advisable.

The exhibition and visitor facilities in Corvey castle are accessible via ramps, a lift operates between floors.

Toilets accessible for the disabled are available in the museum. Free wheelchairs are available for our physically disabled visitors.

Guide dogs for the blind and disabled may be taken into the exhibition areas.  

If you have any questions, please contact the staff at our Visitors Service office. Have you heard about our guided tour entitled "Corvey – a Shorter Way"?


Entrance museum and shop

Dampfer- und Kanu-Anleger

Boat and canoe pier

Schloss Corvey Westwerk, Abteikirche

Westwerk, Abbey church

Schloss Corvey Schlossrestaurant





Corvey wine house

Weser Radweg
Weser Radweg Weser Radweg

Weser Cycle Path


Weser Activity Hotel

Weser Radweg

Entrance for disabled persons